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Geo Location United Kingdom
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We were charged for a call we did not make. BT seem very reluctant to do anything about it even though we have a recording of a BT employee ADMITTING to us that it is a scam! then they changed their minds and said that it was a Royal Mail phone number!

3 months ago

Was charged 43 pounds for a call I didn't make with Vodafone I'm so angry

4 months ago

who is this?

6 months ago

I want to make call

7 months ago

I have been charged £48.14 for this premium rate number on the 23 March 2020 at 10.29 hrs lasting 12 minutes 49 seconds. I did not make this call and have no details as to the recipient. Sounds to be a scam.

7 months ago

I was charged £29.91 for 8 min. Phone call, wtf

7 months ago

Me too who is this

7 months ago

Charged £44.57 for 3 phone calls to this number both out the house at time calls were made and only the 2 of us live in the house cannot get through to virgin to dispute this as offices closed because of Coronavirus lm seeing red!!!!!!!

7 months ago

Charged £47.76 for 12 minute call I didn't make on 11 march. Taking it up with by.

7 months ago

Charged £34.01 for a 9 minute call that neither of us made. This was on our talk talk bill. We have no idea who this number is apart from them being thieving b*stards. Have an inkling that it’s a cold call based in India. Press 1 to be connected and presto, you’re paying for the call that they made to you.

7 months ago

Charged £70 for 2 calls. Never dialled this number.

8 months ago

premium rate for what. is it a competition or what

8 months ago
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