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Geo Location United Kingdom
Connection Type premium rate

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2 years ago

nobody spoke - we have had many calls like this - BT are always advised but they seem to be powerless to stop scam calls

3 months ago

Delete it.

3 months ago

SCAM text charged at £6 if you open and respond

3 months ago

I dont know what this number is for, but my bill has more than £30 charged to it. I didnt call it.

3 months ago

claims to be voicemail

3 months ago

What is this number please

3 months ago

Scam, robot voice asking for payment or cut off internet

3 months ago

We were charged for a call we did not make. BT seem very reluctant to do anything about it even though we have a recording of a BT employee ADMITTING to us that it is a scam! then they changed their minds and said that it was a Royal Mail phone number!

3 months ago

Who call to thia number

4 months ago
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