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Geo Location United Kingdom
Connection Type premium rate

Called to disconnect the internet that I don’t have . Scam

3 months ago

Clearly spoken message stating suspicious activity on Internet and would be disconnected within 24 hours

4 months ago

This call cost me £34 I don't know know how this occurred

5 months ago

This number has cost me over £62 I don’t think I even called them and have no idea who they are

6 months ago

I was charged 9.36 for a 6 minute call I didn't make. When I phoned my company they are saying the call is registered to my phone. But I don't use my house phone as I have a mobile and I can make free call from that. I am fuming

7 months ago

This call cost us £9.85 on 13th January.

8 months ago

Same! Joke

8 months ago

This call has cost me £35 and don’t know who it is

9 months ago

Delete it.

3 months ago

I want to know who owns this number

3 months ago

SCAM text charged at £6 if you open and respond

3 months ago

I dont know what this number is for, but my bill has more than £30 charged to it. I didnt call it.

3 months ago
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