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Internet Service Provider router problem scam.

6 months ago

Amazon prime scam, don't be taken in by it.. Next time you call pal make sure your victim doesn't work for Amazon lol

6 months ago

This morning Indian sounding man phoned to say he was calling from BT that i had problems with my router. And asked what lights were flashing on my router. I didnt have any flashing lights. Wanted to know what devices Laptops etc I had in the house. Wanted me to access my computer. (Recently I've had problems with my line which have been fixed. But I do get the odd smart Hub 6 notifications telling to check service. On telling the man what was on the screen he became very rude. Asking if i was joking ? He then started saying BLA BLA BLA back to me. On hearing they way he was now speaking to me I told him that I didnt like his tone and that I was ending the call. Obviously not some one from BT anything.

4 days ago

Got this absurd call today and I don't live in Leeds/Bradford area. BT Openreach reference and problems with my router. I gave the caller a piece of my mind and put the phone down!

6 days ago

BT Scam call

8 days ago

BT Scam call.

12 days ago

getting these calls daily for last week from various combinations of this number heavy indian accent says from BT problem with router obvious scam

12 days ago

Indian chap said he was from bt and identified a problem with my broadband router. V difficult to under stand he repeated message still not understand what he is saying so i said if you are from bt send me an email. Then i hung up. This appears to be some sort of scam originating in leeds/Bradford area

12 days ago

Call claiming to be from BT internet saying problem with router. Don't use BT, so a scam. Just hang up.

12 days ago

Did not speak and hung up.

19 days ago

Phoned me but would not say anything

2 months ago

Claimed to be from call blocking, knew I was on direct debit, and name on card. I put down 'phone when he asked me for expiry date.

3 months ago
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