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Female caller, Indian subcont accent, line seemed dead for few seconds then she spoke with office mumbles in background. She said "Can I speak to Dave?" I answered 'Which Dave?" and call ended. She was clearly phishing.

7 hours ago

Very suspicious - told me they were getting a refund of tax paid on a PPI claim - couldn't give me details of the PPI claim, the only one I made was over 10 years ago. Asked me for bank details so they could deposit the money but couldn't give me details of the amount involved or the bank I got the PPI claim from.

9 hours ago

Spam. Robot telling me I have made an order on Amazon and owe £300+ (I hung up and blocked at this point)

10 hours ago

Claiming to be from Amazon Prime..

10 hours ago

pretending national insurance number suspended

12 hours ago

Robo call claiming that your NI number has been compromised...... Delete & block

12 hours ago

Said they were from Amazon!!

12 hours ago

Scam. Claimed to be by openreach offering a payment for slow response.

13 hours ago

Indian Women said she was from bt there's a fault with our internet, i asked her what is my mobile number ? because bt nos it. She said were not allowed to ask you for personal details, i said am asking you to prove your from bt. Yet she's asking me to go in my laptop etc scammer. I told her we have no problems with our internet and bt knows you keep phoning they said they wouldn't do what your doing. And your scammers.

14 hours ago

TOTAL SCAM, pretending to be my my bank, apparently stopped a foreign transaction to £600 to go through, please press 1 ....

14 hours ago

Purporting to be from Windows Security

1 day ago

Indian woman said she was from BT and there was a problem with the Internet when I said what are you talking about there is no Internet here she shouted shut up and ended the call!

1 day ago

from'sky' - chinese sounding - hung up

1 day ago

same scam saying £600 is going out of your account to Western Union

1 day ago

Call claiming my mobile phone number has been used to fraudulently setup an amazon account in my name, and that an iphone 7 had been purchased in my name. Challenged back that I record calls and to repeat the statement - they hung up immediately.

1 day ago

Automated call claiming to be HMRC

1 day ago

Claiming to be a Royal Mail undelivered parcel that I should pay for redelivery

1 day ago

Received a Pre recorded call stating, serious Fraud investigation pending, involving Magistrates Case and cancellation of NI number. Press options to talk to advisor. This is a SCAM

1 day ago

Machine speaker says mY national security number has been hacked and asked me to carry on with the call.

1 day ago

A text from SANTANBANK to say a payee had been added from an unrecognized device and advising clicking on a link. Scam I guess.

1 day ago

Claimed to be bank stating they had stopped a western union payment of £600 and press 1 for more information

1 day ago

Called me about 'fraudulent activities' on my NI and asked me to confirm it. When I said I won't do that the caller asked me 'what are you afraid of'? That was the moment when I hung up.

2 days ago

Said he was phoning from sky technical department and my broadband was being hacked. I asked why he wasnt phoning me from a sky landland then and he told me to f*** off.

2 days ago

Says that someone trying to buy something on amazon using my details. Over £700. Calling me 2-3 times a day

2 days ago

Was a robot, claimed that ignoring the call would result in the suspension of my national insurance

2 days ago

Received a Pre recorded call stating, serious Fraud investigation pending, involving Magistrates Cse and cancellation of NI number. Press options to talk to advisor. I assume this is SCAM

2 days ago

harmful number. Generated sound message asking to pay money to avoid prosecution.

2 days ago
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