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Recorded message sounds like Chinese but from UK mobile number, very odd!

1 day ago

Claims to be from Inland Revenue and that legal charges are being brought against you

2 days ago

Robot voice saying something about HMRC

2 days ago

Scam caller pretending to be bank security.

2 days ago

Bank security fraud. Extremely dangerous

2 days ago

Indian Lady claiming to be bank security re 2 unusual transactions for Amazon £300 and international bank transfer for £1,000 - I told her nothing to do with me, she asked for the branch I bank with, I told her I would speak to my bank direct - funnily enough, she hung up!

2 days ago

Automated call taxman must be another scam number

2 days ago

Phoned claiming to be from HMRC (automated voice). It claimed a form had been returned to them from me. I have no dealings with HMRC. It told me to Press a number to speak to an adviser. I hung up and have reported this as a scam call to my network supplier. HMRC do not cold call you. Please, if this number calls you hang up.

2 days ago

Scam test message claiming to be from Royal Mail stating delivery delayed due to missing house number and link to web address attached (not opened)

2 days ago

Scam call claiming to be from HMRC

2 days ago

Claimed 300 Amazon and 1100 transfer from an app I never heard of. Hung up

2 days ago

Dubious as message left from this number not saying who from message is from but stating some high value items had been ordered on my amazon account and wanted some confirmation of this.

2 days ago

Claimed to be from HMRC (in an American accent).

2 days ago

Yet another one of these calls, with a woman claiming to be a member of bank security. Had the same thing yesterday. Just hung up.

2 days ago

HMRC threating legal action over a returned letter.... doubt it!

2 days ago

Scam/Fake. Pretending it's a message from Royal Mail.

2 days ago

Stated : message from BT please press 1 then just a load of numbers .Rung off immediatly

3 days ago

The call was automated and said there were two unauthorised payments gone out of a Mastercard/visa account, one for Amazon for £14.99 and one to Western Union for £799, press 1 to connect to them to discuss (or 1 to get ripped off more like). They thought they were suspicious as we havent paid money to these before. Yesterday I had the same call but it was for two different payments. An absolute scam.

3 days ago

Bt is about to cut me off for illegal activity, obviously a scam.

3 days ago

Asian woman calling about Lloyd's bank. Never had a Lloyd's bank account. She insisted on calling me sir even after asking my female name.

3 days ago

Scam call pretending to be from HMRC

3 days ago

People from this number claim that the address on my parcel is damaged so I have to follow the link they sent in order to get my parcel el

3 days ago
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