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Bank scam as previously reported.

2 days ago

scam call same as the others that seem to be from Aberdeen! unauthorised Amazon payments for £300 and £1000, press 1 to allow payment and 2 to speak to someone. BLOCKED!!

4 days ago

said i had 2 x fraudulent suspicious transactions, please stay on the line and speak to our assistant, total scam

4 days ago

Scam - Automated message about potential card fraud of £300 and £1000

10 days ago

amazon scammer

16 days ago

Recorded message supposedly from the bank saying two withdrawals from account by Amazon. Obviously a scam.

23 days ago

telling me somone has taken money off £300 and £1100

23 days ago

Potential scam, is the warning

24 days ago

Caller never leaves a voicemail message. Suspected SPAMMER.

25 days ago

This is a scam caller that through an automated machine tells me my bank card has been used twice today for transactions and states the amounts. No unauthorised have taken place on my card today, albeit they did call on my work landline LOL

26 days ago

Automated call stating that it was from the bank and there had been international transaction taken from my account from sources not usually used.

26 days ago

scam call about having an accident i never had

27 days ago
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