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Geo Location Cambridge
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loft insulation - and potentially loft conversion

1 day ago

I had a call from the same number about a problem with my loft insulation, they wanted to send someone to survey my loft and recomond what changes to the insulation was needed/

4 days ago

Asian man speaking pigeon English alleging he was 'Charlie' from 'British Gas'. Some hope. Told me my recent boiler service was ok, to which I replied 'Good'. At this point he panicked and rang off. An obviously bogus call phishing for some unsuspecting person to scam.

5 days ago

Claiming to be a bank, calling in regard to 'suspect' debits asking to press 1 and 2 etc

6 days ago

I kow no-one in Birmingjam so didn't amswer but have been getting a lot of spam calls recently even though I am on TPS. I assume this was another

20 days ago

An English female voice told me two unusual attempts were being made to transfer amounts of money from my account if I did not recognise these press 'one' to speak to a representative -I rang off.

26 days ago

They hung up after I answered without them saying anything. Very similar number to a number of scam call numbers. My phone also highlighted the number as a Suspected Spam call so beware.

16 hours ago

Recorded message saying it was bank security

16 hours ago

credit card scam call

17 hours ago

Computerised call. Drops out when answered.

19 hours ago

Young male saying he was ringing from my doctors surgery (with the correct name) telling me I was going under some medical intervention. Hung up and rang my doctors immediately and it was a scam. Very strange.

20 hours ago

Scam offering cheaper deal on O2, they'll send you a code by entering your email address into O2 web site and if you tell them tharcode thetwill be able to access all your personal details

22 hours ago
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