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Geo Location Dalmally
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Probably a bank fraud scam.

2 days ago

Recorded message claiming one small payment and one large payment is being decuted from my account. Scam.

5 days ago

Dangerous, beware caller claims to be from your bank and there has been suspected fraud on your card. Wants your card number and security code!! What a muppet.

11 days ago

don't know who this caller was. asked BT to put number in my junk box.

17 days ago

Scam caller pretending to be bank security.

2 days ago

Bank security fraud. Extremely dangerous

2 days ago

bank security scam

2 days ago

Indian Lady claiming to be bank security re 2 unusual transactions for Amazon £300 and international bank transfer for £1,000 - I told her nothing to do with me, she asked for the branch I bank with, I told her I would speak to my bank direct - funnily enough, she hung up!

2 days ago

robocall bank card fraud

3 days ago

Bank security scam

3 days ago

The call was automated and said there were two unauthorised payments gone out of a Mastercard/visa account, one for Amazon for £14.99 and one to Western Union for £799, press 1 to connect to them to discuss (or 1 to get ripped off more like). They thought they were suspicious as we havent paid money to these before. Yesterday I had the same call but it was for two different payments. An absolute scam.

3 days ago

Bt is about to cut me off for illegal activity, obviously a scam.

3 days ago
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