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Geo Location Nottingham
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This number rang me telling me my Amazon Prime account was taking a monthly £79.99 from my account , this must be a scam as I don't have an Amazon prime account

2 months ago

Silent call

2 months ago

Recorded msg "You missed a call...". Scam.

3 months ago

Called by 01157180234 You can can call the service provider on +442039668000. Its not the company calling us. Its their provider. Give them your views. Help keep their phone lines busy.

8 months ago

Message from Amazon Prime requesting to press 1, because £66 had been taken from my account. A previous caller told me the sum was £600. I am not an Amazon Prime account holder.

12 months ago

BT Broadband scam. Asked him where he was calling from (knowing it was a Leeds number) - and he hung up without answering !!

7 days ago

Scam call. Said it was from BT Technical Department sorting out internet issues even though I have Virgin media

24 days ago

"mathew" talking rubbish about loft insulation. Block.

28 days ago

Very dodgy. Second call from a "Matthew" who was calling back to discuss insulation. When I ask what he means by calling back, the phone goes dead.

28 days ago

I got someone called Mathew claiming to be calling about homes that had received a government grant for loft insulation that was causing condensation problems. He asked for my name and if I was the home owner. Since I had not received a government grant for loft insulation, I asked him to prove this was not a scam. He asked me to repeat what I said. I then put the phone down. This is a scam, do not get drawn in.

29 days ago

Phone rang, someone called Matthew claiming to be calling back re govt grant loft insulation. Then they simply hung up. Ringing number back comes up as not recognised.

30 days ago

We have had this scam caller three times in recent day. The first time it was "Matthew" (number blocked) then some other fictitious name (number blocked) then a silent call (above number) also blocked.

1 month ago
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