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Geo Location Falmouth
Connection Type fixed line

Automated call advising that £600 had been spent on my credit card overseas. Asked to press 1 if not my transaction, which I did. Got put through to an 'indian' sounding lady who told me who shes was and that she worked for the fraud department, and then asked me how she could help. I reminded her that 'they' had just called me and asked her why...… she put the phone down!..... surprise surprise......

4 months ago

Another car crash scam - said they had got my number from an RTA report. They rang off when I kept asking what, where when, how etc.

1 day ago

Asking about the car crash I have not had. I wound them up about actually being involved in one and eventually they said goodbye. Shame... I was enjoying myself.

8 days ago

says it bt open reach, i dont believe it to be true, SCAM ALERT

8 days ago

Called back, says incorrect number. Likely scam

9 days ago

Calling about a car accident that I didn't have!

18 days ago

Automated call advising that £600 had been spent on my credit card in the last hour. Just after making a payment to PAYMASTER for Curry's. Any connection?

27 days ago

scam do not engage with them

2 months ago

No message left on answering machine

2 months ago

called and tried to trace number no luck

3 months ago

stop calling or leave message

3 months ago

Called about the business I was closing (because I'm retiring) and wouldn't take "not interested" for an answer.

3 months ago
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