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FRAUD: Bank scam

11 days ago

Automated scam call.

12 days ago

Automated call asking me to press regarding irregular transactions on my bank card. I didn't say which bank or which card, so I reckon a scam.

12 days ago

Call from "my" bank - really? I don't think so.

17 days ago

Claimed to be from bank £300 transaction from Amazon and £1100 transaction from bank transfer scam call

24 days ago

Scam call. Said some money had been taken from "your" account without saying name. Got put through to an unnamed "debit card centre". Hung up when asked who they were calling.

2 days ago

Fake Bank security call - £699 has been paid from my account, Press 1 to confirm Press 2 to Reject Payment. Obviously in cooperation with a dubious phone company, pressing a number will dial out to another premium rate number and the scammer and dubious telecoms company will make money from it. Don't press any numbers.

3 days ago

Recorded bank security scam message: do not respond by pressing keys as requested

5 days ago

claimed bank calling about card use and possible payment to unusual activity

6 days ago

Scam. Bank Security (didn't specify a bank) with same £300 / £1100 transaction from bank transfers as above. Hang up!

10 days ago

Scam call. Appreciate I'd booked rail tickets, but if I suspected this was a fraudulent purchase to press one to speak to someone. Pressed one then serenaded them with a fine rendition of "How much is that doggy in the window?" because I'm nice that way.

13 days ago

Card scam saying £300 amazon and £1100 money transfer

17 days ago
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