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Geo Location Glasgow
Connection Type fixed line

Claimed to be Bank of Scotland querying transactions on my account.

1 day ago

Said something wrong with my internet connection, rubbish I said and hung up. Female with Indian voice.

9 days ago

Phoned up wanting to ask about a road traffic accident I'd been involved in but couldn't tell me where or when this accident occurred (because, of course, there was no such accident). Scam.

21 days ago

Recorded message from bank security department Scam

27 days ago

Pretending to be from bank saying card debited twice today with amounts over £1000 and £300

28 days ago

internet check says this is a scam, reported as negative, donation, spam

17 hours ago

Sounded like a scam call. Pre-recorded female voice, telling me there were suspicious large payments on my credit card. Press a number to query, another to accept and let the transactions go through. I did neither!

1 day ago

Caller said calling from o2. Sounds like a scam. O2 sends a message if any changes to account. Be cautious

6 days ago

Scam supposed from visa

9 days ago

Scam said from visa

9 days ago

Scammer!!! Say from BT but from India. Want to send a code to email address to confirm they are from BT.

9 days ago
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