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Geo Location Helmsley
Connection Type fixed line

spam call saying internet to be terminated press 1 to contact your supplier. DO NOT CONTACT.

14 days ago

Persistent caller. Early morning and later in day. Going to cut off internet. Ridiculous! Don't respond.

15 days ago

Number dose not exists when called back probably a scam

2 months ago

Hung up after a few seconds....

2 months ago

called me today 04/08/2020 I never answer these calls, just wait for them to say anything. it's usually an automated call centre, sure enough after a few seconds it was hung up. such a nuisance!

2 months ago

Rang off when I answered

3 months ago

Rang back number within one minutew not in use ?

3 months ago

Just received an automatic call saying my credit card had £600 just used to pay a foreign purchaser, press 1 to stop the purchase, did not state which card had been used it the issuing bank, sounds like fraud. I did not respond, beware!

3 months ago

Automated scam call about a so called Amazon account. Asked to press 1 to speak to a person so didn't do that! Dangerous and now blocked

3 months ago

Someone saying they are from Visa credit card, and there had been a transaction of £600 going to Europe dial 1 to stop transaction This is a SCAM do not press , Just hang up.

3 months ago

spam call saying internet to be terminated press 1 to contact your supplier - this is a dagerous/costly response

3 months ago

No answer when I answered.

3 months ago
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