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Geo Location Greenock
Connection Type fixed line

Asian chap said he was from BT and there was a problem with my internet connection - told him that I don't have any internet - hung up

2 months ago

Said from sky and need to check our internet on the computer when questioned they hung up

4 months ago

Caller message I will call back later Pat. Must be a wrong number as no one called Pat lives here

2 years ago

Asian chap said he was from Sky and there was a problem with my internet connection. Asked him to prove he is from sky - he hung up.

26 days ago

Three times in last 2 days purporting to be from BT something about a BT hub with screen - ergh? Don't have one - Simple cut the call

26 days ago

Supposedly from Virgin technical department.

2 months ago

car crash that wasn't my fault

2 months ago

Car crash accident chasers... Avoid

2 months ago

Call from this number which started part way into a recording so missed who from . It said my subcriptions (to what I don't know) was overdue by £779 which be deducted from my account. Please press 1 to discuss with an adviser. .... I hung up the number doesn't appear to exist here in the UK as it looks to have an extra digit (3) added to the genuine numbers for that area of Ispwich.

2 months ago

Another scam - £79.99 amazon payment from your account press to stop it

2 months ago

Scam,pretended to be amazon account notification regarding payment. do not respond.

2 months ago
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