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Geo Location Liverpool
Connection Type fixed line

Scam caller. Internet is about to be cut off....or just hangs up

5 months ago

Another "Car accident you have been involved in" call.

7 days ago

A robot voice saying i will be arrested if i don't press 1, you know its a scam but it still scary

21 days ago

HMRC scam, not pressing 1 will lead to arrest....and that sort of bull.hit. Don't even answer.

2 months ago

few rings hung up says liverpool but dont trust it

2 months ago

The same story happened with me 10 minutes ago, the same unknown person presenting himself as an HMRC employee and the same treatment that I will go to prison for not paying taxes. I recorded the whole conversation, but now I don't know where to send it, so that crime can be arrested and to go in prison as he is promising to enyone harrased by him!

2 months ago

spoke chinese with very bad background music

2 months ago

Threatening robot voice HMRC scam.

3 months ago

someone thinking they work for hmrc.... not

3 months ago

Same here. The robot sais that if u don't press 1 you'll be arrested shortly. After I pressed 1 somebody answered saying that they are from custom office, asked for my name and address and then the call finished. I don't get what's the scam here... They didn't asked for money or anything else.

3 months ago

explains you are being investigated for tax fraud and asks you to click one and to hold. you then get through to someone who asks for your details. when you question who they are or for them to provide you with evidence that they are hmrc they stutter and eventually hang up....

3 months ago

Someone pretending to be from HMRC

3 months ago
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