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Geo Location Kilmarnock
Connection Type fixed line

Call thanking me for purchasing an iphone from Amazon. I hung up

3 days ago

Caller says He is from Virgin Media. Sounded like Indian accent . We are not with Virgin media--he hang up.

2 days ago

Claimed to be Sky technical dept calling about a problem (non-existent) with my internet connection

2 days ago

I was informed that my Internet was about to be disconnected in 4 hours. Please press 1 to connect to your Internet provider to order a new router

2 days ago

This no. Just said they were Amazon and I had been billed for £399 I hung up then wtf is going on I'm so not answering calls from no.s I dont know anymore

3 days ago

said tax fraud if I don't call back will be arrested

3 days ago

looks to be a financial services scam - after speaking to somebody with a far east accent I tried to call the number back and it does not accept calls.

12 days ago

Automated call from Amazon, saying a large purchase had been made and click 2 to report to cancel the purchase. I suspect they would then want my bank details to do so! I do not have my land line registered to my Amazon account at all so its definitely a phishing call

12 days ago

said tax fraud if I don't call back will be arrested

17 days ago

Scam caller claiming they were from HMRC and if I didn't press 1 they would be arresting me!

18 days ago

Scam robocall claiming to be from HMRC - there is a fraud and if you don't press 1 a warrant will be issued for your immediate arrest! DON'T press 1 or engage at all!!

18 days ago

Scammers claiming to be Virgin Media.... Had the cheek to call back after I had rumbled them.... We don't use virgin media

20 days ago
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