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called today, said it was Visa Barclaycard, said card had been used in foreign country for £600, press 1 to stop the transaction. I hung up.

3 months ago

Said my card used overseas, no mention of type of card: SCAM

4 months ago

Call said it was from amazon and i will be charged 39.99, press option 1 for further information. Another dodgy call!

8 months ago

Scammy scam. Automated voice said it was Amazon saying that I was about to be charged 39.99 for Amazon Prime, and if I didnt want that, I could press 1 to speak to a manager. What on earth will they try next...

8 months ago

Persistent fake call using the Amazon name. Have now blocked

12 months ago

Car accident claim scam. Caller insisted I was injured even when I told her I haven't been in a crash. Annoying!

2 days ago

Claiming to be from Microsoft update cover on computer

6 days ago

Recorded voice (apparently) saying I had missed a call from my ISP provider. From Leominster? Not very likely!

10 days ago

Scam, starts with a recorded message which you have to answer then it transfers to another person who insists that you go through every detail of the "accident". When I asked who they were they said "Wholesome Advisors" which doesn't exist and that they got my number from the "motor accident register". To be clear, I only answered the questions so I could speak to a human and tell them off.

13 days ago

Rude woman who didn’t listen to my questions, just insisted I tell her if I had had an accident. Request of where you got my details ignored, twice - honestly I think she was on two lines. She hung up when I mentioned GDPR

16 days ago

claiming to be from Amazon prime, asks uou to press one, DO NOT PRESS!!! Total SCAM

20 days ago

Scam call ref car accident I was supposed to have had

21 days ago
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