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recorded message, tax fraud enquiry, press 1 to connect [dont]

5 days ago

Apparently HMRC, press 1 or we will issue a warrant for your arrest. I hung up.

10 days ago

Leaves an automatic voicemail claiming to be from HRMC and to not ignore the call otherwise "there will be serious consequences". I don't believe so. HMRC would only send a letter through the post.

10 days ago

HMRC scam threatening legal action if no call back

10 days ago

Even had the balls to leave an automated message on my voicemail ..... in an annoying american accent it told me that it was Officer Dennis Gray on behalf of HMRC and warned me that if I or my solicitor does not get back to them on their number then I will be facing serious consequences

10 days ago

Robotic voicemail threatening legal action if I did not return the call. Voice recording American accent. HMRC scam. Don't call back. Just block them. HMRC would not approach anyone this way.

11 days ago

Spam call purporting to be HMRC

11 days ago

Scam. Left a voicemail to say something bought in Amazon costing £350 blabla... contact Amazon fraud by pressing Number 1 or else my account will be close... Amazon haven't contacted me via email. And I am a regular buyer ob amazon. So they know my purchases, patterns and trends. IGNORE THIS NUMBER.

12 days ago

Apparently amazon going to take money from my account. Don’t deal with Amazon so a total scam

13 days ago

HMRC scam. Left robotic voicemail threatening legal action if I did not return the call.

13 days ago

Automatic robot voice claiming to be from HMRC; "...do not ignore this call, or face the legal consequences..." - HMRC wouldn't use a robot, nor the explicit threat. I've blocked the number.

13 days ago

Missed their call. Put a message (robot voice ) that they are from HM revenue & Custom. called them nobody answered. It should be scam

13 days ago
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