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Geo Location Northwich
Connection Type fixed line

Recorded message. Suspicious activity on bank account £300 Amazon and £1000 elsewhere. Press 1 or 2 SCAM CALL from supposedly local number.

3 days ago

Recorded message supposedly from my bank, giving two instances of suspicious payments made from my account. Looks as if its a local number - but is not. A scam.

17 days ago

Weird call said they were bank security but didn't say which bank said money had been withdrawn from my account and asked me to press 1

20 days ago

This number has phoned several times this week but left no message .When I phone back its constantly engaged.

18 hours ago

I think this is a scam number as started to say i can get 30% off my mobile phone bill - I don't hold the account for my phone so this is obviously wrong

1 day ago

Phone call from female saying her company was there to "help" people who might be financially struggling. Told her no thanks and hung up. Sounded like a scam to me.

1 day ago

Purported to be bank fraud line??!!

2 days ago

Driveway scam call

3 days ago

Unknown number and left no message. Considered spam and blocked

8 days ago

Say they are helping companies/people mis-sold energy prices.

9 days ago

said payments had been taken from my card

9 days ago

Called my elderly mother saying this is a call from your bank and there have been two fraudulent transactions via Amazon for £1,000 and £30 on your account. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to speak to an advisor. She hung up but searching online I can see this is a number with 'high fraudulent activity' related to it. Be careful!!!

10 days ago
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