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Random number on my mobile earlier week had a call from HMRC - who never actual would call an individual on a mobile number. Random texted.

16 days ago

HMRC scam.

7 days ago

HMRC fraud second time they’ve rung this weeks saying I’m going to get arrested next joke please

11 days ago

Called my work mobile number, When i answered they hung up.

11 days ago

"You have had an accident .... " I have not.

15 days ago

HMRC fraud, on their way to arrest me for not pressing 1

16 days ago

Started by claiming there was a problem with my tax and started to go through options press 1 for whatever. I hung up.

17 days ago

told i was being prosecuted for tax fraud and if i hung up a warrant for my arrest would be issued

19 days ago

Had a call claiming to be from HMRC re tax fraud, if I didn’t speak to consultant a warrant for arrest would be issued. Hung up, tried to call back, number doesn’t ring properly

22 days ago

HMRC Scam - recording claiming a tax fraud case is open in my name - don't press one hang up!

22 days ago

Tax fraud - fraudulent call

23 days ago

SCAM - threatened to issue me with a warrant and arrest me if I didn't pick up WTF well come and arrest me !!!

24 days ago
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