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Hmrc scam

16 days ago

Phoned but were silent when I picked up the phone.

17 days ago

Calling me every day. I've blocked the number.

20 days ago

Called, so I ignored it. Called back after hiding my number, we both just sat there in absolute silence. I called probably 10 seconds later so... Some sort of low life d!65head.

12 months ago

Claimed I'm being investigated for Tax Fraud and if I don't press one a warrant will be issued for arrest. Declined and blocked immediately.

3 days ago

HMRC scam call, hung up almost immediately did not listen to full 'automated' message other than "fraud case against you press one to speak to the operative dealing with your case."

4 days ago

It's a scam purporting to be HMRC, press 1 to not be arrested ha ha, hung up and blocked number.

6 days ago

had a call saying if i did not press 1 i would be arrested

13 days ago

claimed to be from HMRC - fraud claim in my name, if don't respond they'll issue a warrant!!

21 days ago

Claiming to be HMRC regarding fraud , press one , if you do not you will be arrested shortly . not at all convincing

2 months ago

Scum call (no, that's not a typo) purporting to be HMRC investigating me for tax fraud and would be arrested. Declined to press 1 to connect speak to them.

2 months ago

Possible fraud, asking personal questions e.g. age, about the life of my washing machine.

2 months ago
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