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Geo Location Manchester
Connection Type fixed line

This number has just called me about tax fraud, told me to press one.

28 days ago

Scam Hmrc call threatening arrest.

3 months ago

Fraudulent tax scam . This number called my phone to say there was tax fraud attached to my number and asking me to press 1/2/ or3. I hung up and then checked the number to find it’s a scam to get you to put in your details.

10 days ago

Scam phone call about tax fraud and arrest u.

19 days ago

Called to say illegal activity on my credit card. They eventually disconnected. I did not respond to their request to either press 1,2 or 3.

2 months ago

Fraudulent call about tax

2 months ago

HMRC tax fraud automated call. Ask me to press 1. SCAM

2 months ago

Recorded message about tax fraud on my account

2 months ago

This number has just called me about tax fraud and threatened immediate arrest if I didn't press 1

2 months ago

computer generated voice purporting to be HMRC. Obvious scam.

2 months ago

Asked me to press 1 to talk to a tax agent or else there would be a warrant out for my arrest

2 months ago

Text messages from ‘takepayment’ requesting urgent overdue payment, then a follow up text offering settlement offer. No other details

3 months ago
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