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Geo Location Mansfield
Connection Type fixed line

The BT Scam - Eurasian lady stated she was from BT and wanted to talk to me about my broadband - as I do have BT Internet I told her to 'go for it'. She then hung up!

4 months ago

Broadband provider scam, my internet access is slow apparently! No it isn't.

2 months ago

01623880922 This number called me & asked for someone else & I could hear a noise in the background sounding like a call centre or recorded sounds to sound like a call centre. I told the bloke that he gas got the wrong number and then hung up the phone and blocked the number Personally I think that it is a scam caller.

5 months ago

I missed a call from this number, but dialling it (with 141 in front to hide my number) it came up as unavailable so an unregistered number presumably being used for spam calls

5 days ago

Spam - apaprently I've been in an accident that wasn't my fault recently. Not true. Been driving 30+yrs and not had one accident.

10 days ago

Scam caller from "safeway guidance" about being in an accident that wasn't my fault...

15 days ago

Silent call

15 days ago

Sky scam ask you to press 1 to be connected to an agent

21 days ago

need information . Where is this town and city

25 days ago

Scammer trying to get into my router! Must think we are all stupid.

26 days ago

Male, English accent said: Are you hearing me OK? (Warning bells ringing here as I have heard never to answer yes to this type of question.) I reply Who's calling and he replies that he's phoning from a company selling hand disinfectant. I just hang up. Not phoned back.

29 days ago
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