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Said he was virgin media and many people had been using my internet connection over the last couple of days. Went along with him for a while saying that funnily BT had previously said that. To which he responded that he was from virgin not by. Was I near my computer at the moment - no I said and the line was cut on off.

9 days ago

Called to say I had unauthorised payments on my debit card today and asked me to press 1 Scam call.

13 days ago

Ian from 'Energy Hub'. Superficially convincing chatbot - plays different parts of recorded voice to you depending what you say to it!

14 days ago

Scam call alledgedly from Amazon

24 days ago

had this robot call twice today, claimed to be from my bank and had spent £300 on amazon and £1000 international transfer. no identification of who was calling

1 day ago

I cut off and then called this no back just now, I heard an automated voice mail message?

2 days ago

Stated was from BT and that mobile contract was due for renewal this month but could not give me an exact date.

2 days ago

claimed had spent £300 on amazon and £1000 international transfer. no identification of who was calling

7 days ago

Call from amazon stating £79 has been deducted from my account , dont have amazon accont

7 days ago

Automated call alleging that £700 Amazon payment taken from my car account.

7 days ago

Pretending to be the fraud department of a bank I don't use

9 days ago

Last week it was about a washing machine. Today was about a visa card and charges. Do they think we are daft!

9 days ago
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