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Geo Location Market Drayton
Connection Type fixed line

Threat of internet disconnection- so obvious scam. Call comes up as International despite uk 'code'.

28 days ago

An Indian guy who claims he was calling from SKY, claiming my broadband had been hacked and I had to input something on my computer to sort the matter out. I was persistent in asking him, & I said I was not going to be entering nothing on my computer until he confirmed where he is was calling from, I said it is strange you neither know my name, neither have you asked me any security questions, I confirmed I would report him. He then hung up on me. When you try calling the number back it confirms the number is not recognised.

28 days ago

Scam - pretending to be from Sky to hack your network/computer hang up immediately

2 months ago

when you recall it is nonexistent number

2 months ago

Had a call at 8.26a.m from this number this morning. Said hello 5 times, silent caller. Put phone down.

2 months ago

Something to do with cheaper boiler cover, even though I live in rented accommodation, this number also Amazon Prime saying 79 pounds will be taken out of account .

3 months ago

Amazon prime scam

4 months ago

Spam call re loft insulation, do not answer

8 months ago

Recorded message saying £79 was going to be taken from Amazon Prime account - press 1 etc. American lady recorded message - pressed 1 & Indian'ish accent. Asked what name was on the account - said they can't say for data - I said either tell me or it must be a scam. He said a strange name and IU asked him to repeat - he put the phone down.

8 months ago

Same as above comment - "DANGEROUS Recorded woman's voice, slight American accent, saying that my Amazon Prime account will be auto-renewed - press 1 for further info. I've met this one from other phone numbers before. I wasn't addressed by name, and I have no Amazon Prime account. DON'T press 1 or whatever number they ask"

8 months ago

Claimed to be from HMRC - fraud claim in my name, if I didn't press 1, they would issue a warrant. - I've blocked the number

2 days ago

HMRC scam. Left robotic voicemail threatening legal action if I did not return the call.

2 days ago
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