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Geo Location Minehead
Connection Type fixed line

Blank caller... some scam obviously.

3 months ago

BT technical apartment apparently

3 months ago

Caller tells you that you have had a car accident. I just said "don't remember - I must have been drunk at the time! "(Joke)

3 months ago

Online Trading call. Asked to remove my number as I was not interested, agreed to but then continued to try and talk to me about it. Politely said no thank you and hung up.

4 months ago

I had a call from this number on 28.6.2020. The caller claimed she was from B.T. and said there was something wrong with my router. It was obvious it was a scam as I do not have a B.T. Router. I went along and with the call and told her I was putting the information into my computer. When she asked me what the computer said I told her that it was telling me it was a scam. She shouted at me then for wasting her time!!

4 months ago

Offering an investment opportunity.

5 months ago

Once again trying to fleece from you.

5 months ago

Apparently from BT openreach saying router not giving me good speed

5 months ago

Amazon scam

5 months ago

Anyone know who is behind this number. They claim that they are re-charging my Amazon Prime account. I don't have a Prime account so clearly some form of scam

5 months ago

Left message about my credit card not mentioning which one that some payments were being tried to taken out please press number yes ok !!!!wait a Minuit while I give you my proper details scamming merchants

8 months ago

They phone with bt message

8 months ago
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