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Geo Location Merthyr Tydfil
Connection Type fixed line

This is a sky scam thay reckon it's to boosts your Internet don't fall for it

2 months ago

Amazon Prime Scam

4 months ago

Amazon Prime Scam call

4 months ago

The caller said that he was responding to a call that I had made to Amazon, which I had not made, and said that he would sort out the account at which stage I angrily queried who he was and asked him to prove that he was from Amazon - he hung up!

7 months ago

Answer and they hung up

23 days ago

Daily call received from this number but is not in service when I call back from laptop! Thank goodness for answer machines!! ;-)

2 months ago

Internet service provider will cut me off in 4 hours , lol . Who is my internet service provider , they said BT , they always say BT , but i`m with Virgin , ofcourse they dont kno your name , your provider , your IP , whether you are or have been online , your mac address .... i always play with them , they ask you to go to www..... install the software to allow them access to your PC .... never install anything , never give them your name , never or address or any information , Virgin Sky or BT all have to do a Data protection regulations check , but ask them to provide information regarding who they are .... no company can do that , even if you make your account password protected they never say the word/s numbers etc ... so dont give anything back.

3 months ago

Caller said he was ringing about government help for the loft insulation which he said I had had installed. I have not had any insulation and asked him who he was; he hung up immediately. Evil scammer!

3 months ago

Sick of number ringing

3 months ago

Amazon account issues, when I queried that I didn’t have a prime account and who they were they hung up

3 months ago

Scam call about car accident, wouldn't say how they got my number

3 months ago

keeps ringing and hanging up

3 months ago
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