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This number has phoned several times this week but left no message .When I phone back its constantly engaged.

18 hours ago

I think this is a scam number as started to say i can get 30% off my mobile phone bill - I don't hold the account for my phone so this is obviously wrong

1 day ago

Phone call from female saying her company was there to "help" people who might be financially struggling. Told her no thanks and hung up. Sounded like a scam to me.

1 day ago

Purported to be bank fraud line??!!

2 days ago

Driveway scam call

3 days ago

Recorded message. Suspicious activity on bank account £300 Amazon and £1000 elsewhere. Press 1 or 2 SCAM CALL from supposedly local number.

3 days ago

Unknown number and left no message. Considered spam and blocked

8 days ago

Say they are helping companies/people mis-sold energy prices.

9 days ago

said payments had been taken from my card

9 days ago

Called my elderly mother saying this is a call from your bank and there have been two fraudulent transactions via Amazon for £1,000 and £30 on your account. Press 1 to confirm or 2 to speak to an advisor. She hung up but searching online I can see this is a number with 'high fraudulent activity' related to it. Be careful!!!

10 days ago

Called me and stated my account had been breached three times told me to press 1 if i wanted to cancel them after doing so a foreign guy asked me how he could help me I put the phone down didn’t even knew who I was.

10 days ago

In the last 3 months i have had all spam callers call me from liverpool manchester london and other cities including india on my mobile even thou im on tlp to stop these numbers but has not helped being on special register i reckon EE shop has sold my number to get back the phone number.To date of 3 months is 64 numbers blocked but still calling me i just let it ring and ring never pick up.

13 days ago
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