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Geo Location Southport
Connection Type fixed line

threatening legal action if i do not get in touch. i did not get in touch

2 months ago

picked and a computer voice said goodbye

9 days ago

Claimed to be from BT and interested helping with my slow internet - I dont have BT internet and I told him that he was not who he claimed to be. On re-dialling the number I get a constant tone and it is not a valid number apparently. A scam for sure.

2 months ago

Keeps ringing me. As soon as I pick up an automated lady says "Goodbye!". Timewaster.

2 months ago

Some switchboard operator talking to colleague about having her hair done. probable scam and too dozy to realise they were overheard.

2 months ago

Did not answer as an unfamilar number which said 'likely scam'. Now looking the number up - I do not know of anyone in that region of the country so they obviously was not legitimate.

5 months ago

Called as international

5 months ago

I had a call from this number. They told me that they were checking up on non payment of income tax. They said that they were had sent me letters which I had not responded to and were going to arrest me for non payment of tax.

2 years ago

Supposed to be from Amazon prime. Put phone down

2 days ago

Stated they were from Amazon.

28 days ago

Told me that a transaction had just been carried out for £400 on my behalf. Then gave me three options to sort it out. I asked for a repeat of the message because the female voice had spoken at 100 miles per hour. Line then went dead

2 months ago
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