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Scam. Automated messaged detailing that an arrest warrant has been issued following fraudulent tax activities with HMRC. Call asks you to click on 1 to follow up. DO NOT CLICK on 1 as this is likely to put you through to a telephone line with high call charges.

5 days ago

could be fradulant and say that there is a case openned against you.

5 days ago

HMRC Scam - asked me to press 1 to speak to an agent or a warrant would be issued for my arrest - had to laugh as I have seen the YouTube videos about this and work in IT myself, so was looking forward to messing with them and wasting their time but it never put me through

5 days ago

SCAM HMRC tax fraud

5 days ago

Recorded voice saying they're from the tax office and that you will be arrested for fraud. Please report to HMRC if you can.

5 days ago

SCAM - Automated call - tax fraud in my name, press 1 or warrant will be issued for your arrest. I didn't press 1 just in case...

5 days ago

This is the number Dyson calls you back on if you select a call back when in their customer services queue.

10 days ago

Automated call told me I was under investigation for tax evasion and there was a warrant out for my arrest. Pressed 1

10 days ago

SCAM 'HMRC tax fraud in your name, press 1 or a warrant will be issued for your arrest'

12 days ago

Automated transatlantic ? South East Asian voice 'calling about a Visa payment of £600 on your account'; Clearly scam, hung up, but curious this comes apparently from a London landline

12 days ago

Could not make out what this man was saying but it was some thing to do with Amazon/

13 days ago

Said was from Amazon prime asked me to auto renew at £79.99 It is a scam

13 days ago
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