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Scammers. Got a random amazon prime scam call. Told them I was away from the computer, could I have a number to ring them back to cancel. They gave me this number So its not being spoofed.

6 days ago

called me, but Ido not answer cold calls, only ones I my contacts other who called e site says spam caller

16 hours ago

Claimed to be from BT about our internet connection but we dont have that through BT

19 hours ago

Automated call asking me to press digit 1 to cancel two transactions used by my card.

19 hours ago

Sky Assured Ltd. called to say our Sky insurance expired today and wanted us to renew, we had never heard of them, SCAM.

1 day ago

Came up as a London number, but 0203 is not a London area code, treating as suspicious after calling me twice and not leaving a voicemail

2 days ago

Do not know this number and having been scammed before please check as when I answered the phone went dead. Phoned back and answered as a utility firm, may be genuine but there again one to watch.

3 days ago

Sam Energy Efficiency Survey Failed to provide company number Concerning

6 days ago

Just had a call from so called BT she nearly got me till they wanted to connect to my phone then i realised and told her no thanks BECWARNED PEOPLE THIS IS A SCAM

6 days ago

Caller pretends to be calling from NS&I.

7 days ago

Indian scammer claiming my Internet connection is compromised. Rang off when I told her she was talking rubbish and was a scammer.

7 days ago

Call purporting to be from Vodafone. Heavy "Indian" accent difficult to understand. Informed caller I wasn't with that company so they immediately hung up. Warning on my phone that this was a "spam" call. Be warned!!

8 days ago
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