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Geo Location Southampton
Connection Type fixed line

Recorded Message. "Is it time to have your oven professionally cleaned?" F* No!!!

2 months ago

Suspect this is a scam. Automated call from this no. this am re renewing Amazon prime subscription

2 months ago

Lots of noise in the background but caller does not talk. Blocked it.

2 months ago

Been getting phone call from this number I like to know who are these people and why they keep on ringing me???

2 months ago

Who is this?

3 months ago

The dreaded 3 question call, which will only take 60 seconds of your time.

4 months ago

Said was from Amozon!!! Dont use them & not ususal wierd number but fixed Southampton line number!!!

5 months ago

Second call in 2 days saying unauthorised transaction of £600 to China from my RBS bank account (who I don't bank with). Obvious scam. The frightening thing is, he told me my address

9 months ago

told me he was from visa and asked for bank details SCAMMER

9 months ago

It is a scam pretending an unauthorised transaction (a payment of £600 to China through Western Union) had been made on my debit card.

10 months ago

Said they were from Virgin Media. Obvious scam. Why the hell is this allowed to go on? I am PLAGUED by these sorts of people!

10 months ago

Like other comments have said, an artificial American male voice told me that HMRC had a claim against me, and that I had to phone back as a matter of urgency. Clearly a scam, since HMRC would not be based out of Southampton nor use an American-sounding voice, and it just happens to be the time of year for tax paperwork, so they thought the scam would catch people out.

3 months ago
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