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Indian lady said she was from BT Internet and was going to help me with my issues. I don't have BT Internet. I told her she was clearly a scammer and she told me to F off. Proved my point I suppose.

25 days ago

Called twice, no one speaks then line goes dead.

25 days ago

Phoned in and turned off after connection

15 days ago

It who place working

3 months ago

I need Al info about this number please

4 months ago

international kr do

7 months ago

I received a call this morning asking for lots of details claiming to be nationwide and saying that a large sum of money was transferred from my account to Halifax. Sadly I fell for it and they now have some of my details.

5 days ago

Call supposedly from amazon Prime telling me I set up amazon Prime last night and they would be taking my money. hung up when I said I would talk to my credit card provider as I didn't and don't want Amazon prime.

18 days ago
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