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is this a spam? tells me i need to renew Amazon Prime. i don't have this

17 hours ago

Tells you your internet will be disconnected - and ask you to call premium number - *SCAM*

6 days ago

Claim to be Halifax bank saying “confirmation you set up a new payee!” with a dubious link below. SCAM scum.

11 hours ago

Lloyds Bank- you have succesfully paired another device.....if not you visit....Its a scam.

12 hours ago

Said that they will disconnect internet connection. Scammers

13 hours ago

Scam - received a text claiming they were from 02 and unable to "process your latest payment".

15 hours ago

seemingly bogus text claiming to be from HSBC with a hyperlink attached

15 hours ago

Claims you have important message waiting from HMRC and provides a link. Scam; HMRC do not contact from a random mobile number like this.

15 hours ago

I just had a scam txt from this number for suggesting HSBC Fraud alert

16 hours ago

Paypal accessed from different device message with link

16 hours ago

Claiming HSBC Customer have detected a new device on your account, please follow link... THIS IS A FRAUD

17 hours ago

Scammers who claim to be from O2 saying they were unable to process your monthly bill then give you a link to a fake O2 website to try to steal your login details.

18 hours ago
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