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12 days ago

This is used to operate a scam, in my view. It is the one that tells you, in ungrammatical English, that there is a case of tax fraud under your name and that you should press a number to be connected to deal with it. Do NOT do so. I am sure the Inland Revenue have better methods to deal with tax fraud!

12 days ago

call from amazon about a order on my account

19 days ago

I received an automated call from this number mentioning it was from HMRC Taxes, I am not sure if this is a scam number

20 days ago

Automated message from "national crime agency" saying my national insurance number is going to be suspended because it is related to some fraud crimes. Hung up so didn't hear full message.

2 days ago

Scam text for HMRC tax refund

2 days ago

LLOYDS BANK scam suggesting someone has paired a new devise to your account giveing web link to unpair do not click on link delete message.

2 days ago

Scam. Automated voice saying your number is under investigation from hmrc press 1 or a warrent for your arrest will be issued

2 days ago

Spam. Cold called about having an accident. They just hung up when I said I hadn't. Sounded like a foreign call centre.

2 days ago

National Crime Agency pre recorded saying suspected criminal activity and NI number will be suspended. I hung up. The actual Crime Agency should be hitting these arseholes hard, getting fed up of this sort of crap now. Hardly worth having a mobile phone these days with the amount of scammers abusing the system.

2 days ago

Recorded message claiming to be from the National Crime Agency saying my NI number has been used several times under suspicious circumstances. I will be arrested if I don’t respond by pressing 1

2 days ago

hmrc tax refund scam

2 days ago
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