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02 unable to process payment. Scammer

7 hours ago

Claimed to be from O2 - unable to process latest bill.

8 hours ago

Unusual activity on my Paypal account- I don't have one. Ignored the link to a website

8 hours ago

Looks like a PayPal scam don't click on any links

8 hours ago

Scam text about tax refund. Link takes you to a false HMRC webpage and requires you to enter your personal information, bank account and card details.

9 hours ago

SMS allegedly from Lloyds Bank about a new registered device for online banking - I'm not a customer

10 hours ago

Test message claims to be O2 saying unable to process payment with link to update your information. Don't believe it's genuine.

11 hours ago

Apparently from paypal, unusual activity from this account. sign in with link

11 hours ago

SMS claiming to be from HSBC "A payment was attempted from a new device. If this was not you, please visit (link then shown)"

11 hours ago

Apparently from o2, says unable to process my latest bill. I don't have an O2 mobile!!! Link goes to a really convincing website but a couple of spelling errors by these scamming muppets warned me off. Save the number and block it.

12 hours ago

Stating they were from HMRC and to press 1

4 days ago

says its HMRC and I got a tax fraud against my name and if I don't press 1 I will be arrested

4 days ago
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