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Amazon scam automated message saying i had an iphone ordered and they were going to take the money from my card. I`ve not ordered any phone. It gave 2 options , press 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel thru an adviser. I hung up!

3 months ago

scam says Amazon prime account will take £79 from your bank account, press 1 to talk to accounts. Just 2 minutes prior I had a call from 00634531441 which rang my phone briefly, possibly related. In UK and world there's very little rule of law, it's government policy to facilitate crime, to collude with crime and to increase it, not stop or reduce it.

4 months ago

This looks like another Amazon Prime scam number.

6 months ago

Amazon prime scam in regards to renewing for £79.95. Asking to press 1 if you don’t want to renew.

2 months ago

computer generated voice scam for amazon payment

2 months ago

Call supposed from BT saying my landline would be disconnected, just hung up

2 months ago

Computer-generated voice from "Sky" instructing to press 1 or have services disconnected

2 months ago

Two Phone calls within three hours looking for payment of £79 for Amazon Prime or press one to speak to accounts, Pity I dont have Amazon Prime so I hung up both times

3 months ago

was disconnected when i answered!

3 months ago

Amazon Prime scam

3 months ago

Scam call supposedly Amazon to pay for Prime Account - called this afternoon at 3pm and said they were taking the subscription from my account

3 months ago

amazon prime scam? auto message saying they are to charge me £79.99 or press 1 for advisor, I hung up!!!

3 months ago
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