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Pretending to be amazon prime. Fake call

5 days ago

Suspect it's a unsolicited call, as when you call back it's classified as un-recognised.

26 days ago

02 unable to process payment. Scammer

5 hours ago

Claimed to be from O2 - unable to process latest bill.

6 hours ago

Unusual activity on my Paypal account- I don't have one. Ignored the link to a website

6 hours ago

Looks like a PayPal scam don't click on any links

6 hours ago

Scam text about tax refund. Link takes you to a false HMRC webpage and requires you to enter your personal information, bank account and card details.

7 hours ago

SMS allegedly from Lloyds Bank about a new registered device for online banking - I'm not a customer

8 hours ago

Test message claims to be O2 saying unable to process payment with link to update your information. Don't believe it's genuine.

8 hours ago

Apparently from paypal, unusual activity from this account. sign in with link

8 hours ago

SMS claiming to be from HSBC "A payment was attempted from a new device. If this was not you, please visit (link then shown)"

9 hours ago

Apparently from o2, says unable to process my latest bill. I don't have an O2 mobile!!! Link goes to a really convincing website but a couple of spelling errors by these scamming muppets warned me off. Save the number and block it.

10 hours ago
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