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Guy called Albert with a strong accent of some sort. Got rude as I asked which company you're calling from. Kept on saying" hello, cant you hear me! I'm Albert. My name name is Albert how are you today?"repeated twice again in an angry tone. Be careful.....scammer rejected before anything happened. He called me times. A minute apart.

2 months ago

keep getting calls to say our broadband is going to be cut off

3 months ago

Someone told, that from Amazon und want money for purchase. I never use Amazon. And 2 days before call was from 09543488181

3 months ago

repeatedly calling various similar phone numbers throughout the day

3 months ago

Someone with a thick accent offering to set up an account for "the stock market" clearly just after details to rob you blind. Do not confirm anything with them, do not give them any other details. They'll claim you set up an account via website, which you won't have.

4 months ago

garbled chines message possible scam

6 months ago

Scam automated call to ‘renew Amazon Prime’ encouraging you to press 1 to speak to an account manager.

8 months ago

Continually ringing my land-line and hanging up after a while, even if I answer

22 days ago

Silent call

23 days ago

called saying they were from Sky and that my router had been hacked

25 days ago

Spam call pretending to be amazon

26 days ago

Chinese/Japanese speaking female. Couldn't understand anything she said.Elevator music in background

26 days ago
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