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Number claiming to be hmrc with a tax refund for the year 2019....believe fake

16 days ago

Supposedly from EE saying unable to process latest bill. In order to avoid fees, please update your payment information via etc. A scam as account all in order.

1 month ago

A scam for Amazon prime.

2 months ago

This number is sending dodge ee messages to check bank details

2 months ago

Text saying from EE and cant process payment and to click the link…… no reason they cant process the payment and its not the normal EE messaging number...… I believe its a scam

2 months ago

SCAM EE Message Please update payment information

2 months ago

possibile scam, posing as Financial trade advisor, asking too many personal questions about my source of income, offering advice for a second source of income. I asked where did they get my number from and didn't get an answer. I hang up and blocked the number.

2 months ago

Asian bot, calling alot

2 months ago

Supposedly from O2 Claiming they were unable to process my bill and to update my payment detail to avoid fees.

2 months ago

Possibly. Scam call posing as internet service provider

2 months ago

Scam text suggesting my O2 payment hasn't gone through and to update my payment information - Oh really!

2 months ago

scam they are after getting my bank details be careful

4 months ago
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