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Claims to be BT and that there is suspicious activity with your IP address. This appears to be a scam.

14 days ago

a recorded message saying that £79 - 99p will be taken out of bank account for amazon prime....im sure its a scam as there has been quite a few of these calls going about

26 days ago

? this number rang me said they were the inland revenue.DODGY asked me to press 1 to speak to my case worker. I hung up I am sure they would not phone before sending me a letter which they have not .

30 days ago

Automated voice telling me that BT would be disonnecting my internet service within 24 hours. BT is not my provider so I hung up before message finished

2 months ago

it will not allow you to call it back it is not recognised

3 months ago

HSBC Payment attempted from a new device visit and a email address given for to click on I'm not a customer watch out .

2 hours ago

had same number text re new payee claiming to be a different bank. tried to get me to link on their own website, I DID NOT . REPORTED TO BANK

3 hours ago

Scam, asked me to contact DVLA through a link. HMRC never do that let alone through text.

1 day ago

Claiming to be Halifax stating an attempted payment from new device. Don't even have a Halifax account or had one. Messaged me twice about this from different number but same message

7 days ago

Suspicious text about a paypal

8 days ago

re Amazon Prime charge - I do not have Amazon Prime. Recorded message so does not even establish who they are talking to.

8 days ago

Received a text pretending was HSBC saying a new payee was added to my online banking. I do't have HSBC. Scam!

9 days ago
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