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Text message suggesting that my PayPal account has been limited. Looks like a scam.

12 days ago

Claiming my O2 bill was not processed by my back - 10 days after my bill was processed :/. Scam !

13 days ago

text from Halifax saying a payment has been attempted from an unregistered device. Don't recognise this. And then advise to login via a link. This is a scam

14 days ago

O2 We were unable to process your latest payment, in order to avoid fees , please update your information via a supposedly,O2 website . Scam!!

18 days ago

Scam - Halifax saying I've registered a new device for mobile banking and to visit a web site if it wasn't me

18 days ago

SCAM. Text claiming to be EE that my latest bill payment could not be processed. SCAM. Even the url included to "update" information looks fake as hell.

18 days ago

another scan about O2 bill

20 days ago

Halifax- new device registered, go to link...... it's a SCAM by TXT

24 days ago

This is a SCAM claiming to be from O2 requesting card details as they could not process bill.

27 days ago

came through as a fraud alert from HSBC

27 days ago

Scam text about tax refund. Link takes you to a false HMRC webpage and requires you to enter your personal information, bank account and card details.

7 hours ago

Stating they were from HMRC and to press 1

4 days ago
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