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Someone called and told me that my national insurance number has been recognized. I gave them my name, but after I asked what kind of establishment is that, they hanged up the call. I am trying to call back, but it says that the number is not recognized.

7 months ago

SCAM - Recorded message saying Amazon Prime needed renewing, press 1 to talk to someone. I hung up, as I'm rolling Prime member, must be SCAM Amazon would contact via email or through App.

3 months ago

HSBC: A payment was attempted from a new device. If this was not you etc SCAM not an HSBC text

27 days ago

SCAM claiming HSBC I dont have account with them

2 months ago

HSBC A payment has been attempted from a new device, log in through link provided. SCAM

2 months ago

Says from Amazon but seems dubious - now blocked

2 months ago

HSBC: A payment was attempted from a new mobile device. If this was NOT you, please visit...... SCAM!

2 months ago

Been getting this from " sky" Customer services, calling many times, saying that there is a problem (slow running)with my Sky internet. Asks whether I use a laptop or mobile phone. Told them to bugger off. This call was at 8am, not confident that sky would call that early, the call was answered by an Indian person.

2 months ago

saying issue with bank I don't bank with

2 months ago

A pretty random number to say “PayPal: All account & services have been placed on hold due to unusual activity. Vsit: LINK to settle any pending restrictions.” Becomes notice how word visit is spelled incorrectly.

2 months ago

Scam claims payment attempted on new device from HSBC account!

2 months ago
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