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SCAM - Recorded message saying Amazon Prime needed renewing, press 1 to talk to someone. I hung up, as I'm rolling Prime member, must be SCAM Amazon would contact via email or through App.

26 days ago

Someone called and told me that my national insurance number has been recognized. I gave them my name, but after I asked what kind of establishment is that, they hanged up the call. I am trying to call back, but it says that the number is not recognized.

6 months ago

SCAM claiming HSBC I dont have account with them

7 days ago

HSBC A payment has been attempted from a new device, log in through link provided. SCAM

7 days ago

Says from Amazon but seems dubious - now blocked

10 days ago

HSBC: A payment was attempted from a new mobile device. If this was NOT you, please visit...... SCAM!

22 days ago

Been getting this from " sky" Customer services, calling many times, saying that there is a problem (slow running)with my Sky internet. Asks whether I use a laptop or mobile phone. Told them to bugger off. This call was at 8am, not confident that sky would call that early, the call was answered by an Indian person.

23 days ago

saying issue with bank I don't bank with

23 days ago

A pretty random number to say “PayPal: All account & services have been placed on hold due to unusual activity. Vsit: LINK to settle any pending restrictions.” Becomes notice how word visit is spelled incorrectly.

24 days ago

Scam claims payment attempted on new device from HSBC account!

25 days ago

Text purporting to be from NATWEST saying that someone had tried to make a new payment from my account and providing a link so that I could check. Is not the normal format from NATWEST. Must be a scam.

28 days ago
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