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Amazon prime auto message - asking for prime renewal which isn’t due til January!

3 months ago

Claims to be from Amazon saying they have received an order for an expensive iphone, and that I should press 2 to cancel the card payment. I did not proceed!

2 months ago

scam clown rang saying from HMRC lol

2 months ago

Rec'd text claiming unable to process latest EE bill & asking to update payment info via link. I do not have an EE account. Obviously a scam!

2 months ago

Does anyone recognise this number, we were called today, answered it, nothing but static and dead air, i said hello, no answer and whomever it was hung up, not sure if it was a scammer but 9 times out of 10 it probably was.

2 months ago

Claiming to be BT Telecom. Strong Indian accent, not happy when told he was a scammer.

3 months ago

fedex scam - unclaimed parcel

3 months ago

An automated voice claiming to be Fedex International - seems like a scam to me.

3 months ago

Amazon services - please do not call me

3 months ago

A recorded voice message saying Fedex international about unclaimed parcel. This is definitely scam!

3 months ago

Strange call, in English and then a far eastern language

3 months ago

Claims to be Amazon Prime

3 months ago
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