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always calls randomly don't know who it is. I try to call back and th number is not recognised

14 days ago

report about a hmrc fraud case and to press no1 now or will be arrested. SCAM

20 days ago

Unusual activity on my Paypal account- I don't have one. Ignored the link to a website

10 hours ago

Apparently from paypal, unusual activity from this account. sign in with link

12 hours ago

Text claiming to be from O2. "We were unable to process your latest payment. In order to avoid fees, please update your information via .........." - link not shown for safety reasons. Suspect a scam.

5 days ago

Received a call from this number at 1.20am and when I have tried to call back it says that the mobile number is not in use. Only a limited number of people have my mobile number and I do not usually receive calls at this time.

5 days ago

Telling me they are about to pay someone £250 from my HSBC account and if I didn't authorise this to follow the link to cancel. Don't have an HSBC account.

11 days ago

Claimed to be from Halifax bank trying to get me to click on a dodgy link

14 days ago

"Halifax" claiming new payment method, don't even bank with Halifax BS Scam

14 days ago

Saying they are HSBC. Never used them

14 days ago

Text message claiming to be O2, can't process a payment, dodgy link included

14 days ago

Text claiming to be O2. I’m not with O2! O2:We were unable to process your latest bill. In order to avoid fees, please update your payment information, the link (removed)

18 days ago
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