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Saying they are HSBC. Never used them

11 days ago

Text message claiming to be O2, can't process a payment, dodgy link included

12 days ago

Halifax Alert saying that I have successfully paired a new device. Never used Halifax in my life

18 days ago

A scam - not O2 asking for your payment details. I'm not even with O2

21 days ago

Receive a text message purporting to be from PayPal saying that my account had been limited due to unusual activity. There was a link. Suffice to say, the number has been blacklisted.

23 days ago

Claiming it's O2 and can't process a payment and click on a link(Fun part I don't have anything O2 related)

28 days ago

Claim to be from Vodaphone saying unable to process latest payment - Scam message - Do not click on fake link

28 days ago

Vodafone phishing scam

28 days ago

claiming to be vodafone unable to process a payment

29 days ago

Claimed to be Vodafone and my latest payment had failed. Included a scam link

29 days ago

Automated voice said was from Amazon Prime (I'm not on this deal) and had charged money to my account. To change this or unsubscribe they wanted me to press 1 on my phone. No way! Scam.

29 days ago

Claimed to be Vodafone and were not able to process a payment . Need to click on a link to avoid fees

29 days ago
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