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text claims to be hsbc payment attempted from new device.

2 months ago

Claiming to be Amazon confirming payment by Mastercard scam call

3 months ago

Text claiming to be from 02 to my mobile phone. Payment for your latest bill could not be processed by your bank. Please update your payment information via. (a link is given here, claiming to be 02. Did not go on the link. Suspect a scam.

3 months ago

Claiming to be fraud squad. National Insurance number used for fraud.. press 1 for more info.. which i did not

4 months ago

Scam caller claiming internet problem

5 months ago

I have had 2 text from this saying your HSBC ACCOUNT has been hacked and I don't even have one with them

2 days ago

Recieved a SMS purporting to be from TSB saying a new payee added and to follow the link if not set up by me. I don't have any account with TSB and hardly think they would send such message from a mobile number.

10 days ago

scam text claiming to be from PayPal saying account activity limited and providing link to rectify. DO NOT CLICK LINK

16 days ago

02 payment not gone through scam

21 days ago

text claiming to be from o2 - i'm not even with o2 - failed payment apparaently

24 days ago

Claiming to be from Google saying they are going to close the account if you don't pay.

30 days ago

Scam. "VODAFONE::We were unable to process your latest payment etc.... " Ignore and block.

30 days ago
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