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HMRC scam. Threatened legal action if I didn't press 1. Also mentioned "Her Majesty the Queen" at the start of the phone call, haha.

23 days ago

Dubious as message left from this number not saying who from message is from but stating some high value items had been ordered on my amazon account and wanted some confirmation of this.

2 days ago

office noise but no one answerd ?

5 days ago

The robo said it was from HMRC and calling to take legal action against me as I didn't receive a letter from HMRC

6 days ago

A foreign lady caller .Claiming to be from B.T .about internet .Very loud and talking over me saying this is not a scam

8 days ago

automated saying HMRC fake Phishing

9 days ago

Recorded message claiming to be from HMRC. Seemed suspicious.

10 days ago

Says from HMRC - automated message stating legal action will be taken

11 days ago

VISA scam. Recorded message says two large payments taken from my card this morning, asks me to take action by pressing 1. Thankfully I know it couldn'tt couldn't be true.

11 days ago

SCAM - pre recorded voice threatened legal action from UK MHRC asked me to press 1 to connect to case worker

17 days ago

HMRC scam. Press 1 to speak to advisor etc.

18 days ago

Supposed to be EE rewards I think it's phising

18 days ago
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