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Missed a call, called them back @15.14 and I got a VM saying all offices now closed, I think they said on the VM Clear Planning ?

2 months ago

netflix scam txt for payment

2 months ago

This number seems to be a scam

2 months ago

This is a scam

3 months ago

Received a text from this number stating from Netflix and that it couldn’t take my latest payment. It also stated my account was suspended and issued a Link to renew my plan. All this happened whilst I was watching a programme on Netflix so so untrue.

24 days ago

left answer phone on half way through my message they hung up

24 days ago

Scam text pretending to be HSBC

29 days ago

text saying my amazon account has been locked, need to click a link to update my payment details. Full of spelling mistakes. Definitely a scam, I don't have an amazon account!

30 days ago

HSBC saying i have added a new payee, i do not bank with them

2 months ago

scam text HSBC attempted payment

2 months ago

Tried to steal Money from my bank account fraud D Taylor TSB Bank

2 months ago

Text supposedly from TSB. Do not have account with them.

2 months ago
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