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Message to me and my wife purportedly from O2 saying they couldnt collect payment. I'm on Vodafone!

2 months ago

Fraud, scam

2 months ago

A strident sounding man saying he was from a High Court enforcement agency declaring that our business was in debt (stated the business address) to a company that we had entered into an agreement with. He then mentioned a company we'd never heard of. I hung up.

10 months ago

Noted this unsolicited call on caller ID on landline phone. Did not answer and caller did not leave a message - taht always means to mean it is a scam. If it is that important to call leave a message!

11 months ago

I also received the same message and do not have an Argos account. Must be a scam.

12 months ago

SMS received stating I'd won £500 gift from argos with a link. Takes you to what appears to be an argos sign in page for customer accounts. I dont even have an argos account let alone entered in to win £500

12 months ago

Message saying I have not completed tax return with link to make claim

7 days ago

My husband got a text from this number on his mobile saying it’s from O2 and that payment for his latest bill could not be processed by his bank, asking for his bank details.

13 days ago

Just got txt from this number says it's from O2. About bill payment problem and directs you to fake website wants bank details

14 days ago

Accident claims

16 days ago

Accident claim

17 days ago

Scam-bill payment could not be processed for O2 account ... don’t have one!

17 days ago
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