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Picked up the phone. Person knew my name and ask for name confirmation then hung up.

6 months ago

Text from the number above stating that payment information for O2 billing requires updating via a link in the text message. My payment information does not need updating and why would O2 contact me from a vodafone mobile number....

22 days ago


26 days ago

Received a call from this number on my landline today. Recorded message purported to be from BT saying my IP address had been hacked so my internet connection would be terminated in 24 hours. Press button one to speak to them or button 2 to call BT....I wasn't doing any of that Called BT from mobile who were already instigating the phone number I received this call from Interestingly, this call managed to completely bypass call screening, which both I and BT found interesting to say the least When this number calls immediately dial 1572 to block it However, I received another call an hour later from the same scam merchants using a different number. Have subsequently blocked that one too, so now I wait to see if another one comes in from a third number. Will set phone to ' do not disturb ' if that happens so on numbers in my phone book can call See 2nd number listed on here too

2 months ago

Just received a recorded phone message saying my credit card had been charged £300 pounds, please press No1 button to confirm, I put the receiver down. It is a scam call.

2 months ago

An automated call informing me I was going to be charged £300 on my credit card and they wanted me to confirm by pressing 1, err no I don’t think so!

2 months ago

Anyone know who this is?

2 months ago

English voice siad internet was going to be cut off in 24 hours due to suspicious activity-was told tp press 1 -so just hung up

2 months ago

said it was paypal locking down my account scam

2 months ago

false number plate after accident

3 months ago

Caller spoke in a very plain English voice stating the Internet would be disconnected due to suspicious activity. Was told to press 1 which I did but then got cut off

3 months ago

Automatic call,claiming too be British telecom

3 months ago
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